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Corporate Overview WNU Mining

  • Jan 07 / 2014
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Corporate Overview WNU Mining

553556_427720490621130_5822116342_nPT Wira Nugraha Utama (WNU Mining) is engaged in the business of trading services of coal mining products and Coal mining services. Established  in Banjarmasin on March 13, 2103. WNU Mining  many collaboration / partnership with the miners (the holder of Mining) in South Kalimantan, especially in Binuang Tapin, Kintap Tanah Laut, Satui and Batulicin Tanah Bumbu, Serongga and Geronggang Kotabaru. And several location in Central Kalimantan, especially in Tamiyang Layang and Buntok, with calorific value ranges between 5,000 – 7,000 kcal / kg (adb).

On December, 2013, the Company established a Subsidiary Company, KM Mineral Sdn Bhd, a company is governed by the law of Malaysia to expand our export reach and intensify market penetration. KM Mineral is a company doing business in trading which will support the Company’s business in coal trading activities overseas. As the recognized hub of regional and global business for Southeast Asia, a subsidiary in Malaysia will definitely be worth the extra expense and planning effort. And indicating strength and effectiveness of our distribution operation. Trading vertical will continue to be a source of prosperity.

The Company used this period to work on our housekeeping and improve on our efficiencies and capabilities, and at the same time using this opportunity to lay foundation to future rump up. The Company believes and optimistic that the coal price will stabilize in the upcoming year and the Company is creating value from these opportunities by investing in its logistics and infrastructure. It is also supported by our geographically suitable location to serve our markets.

And WNU Mining has an advantage in the attractive price of the coal it produces, coupled with a lower cost for shipment to Asian customers, compared with coal from South Africa or Australia. This is due to the mining location being in Indonesia, which is geographically advantageous


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