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Coal Supply

  • Feb 08 / 2014
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Coal Supply


We believe that Indonesian coal will continue to lead the thermal coal export market due to rising demand from Asian economic powerhouses. WNU distinctive advantage lies in its focus and active presence in Indonesia hence we are able to leverage our expertise and experience to minimized or eliminated inherent risks of the business.

With our active presence in the sourcing sites our local experts able to stay abreast of local politics, liaise with government authorities and established strong relationship with the local populations, which are all key risks in creating an effective coal supply chain management.

WNU and its partners offer an integrated supply chain management to enable us to responds to the changing needs of the customers.

Coal availability

Detail category and specification of coal available in Indonesia are as follows:

●   Steam coal is a type of coal that is used in boiler, steam generator and furnace. Included in this category are anthracite and bituminous coal. It has a gross calorific value of more than 23,865.0 kJ/kg (5,700 kcal/kg), lower than coking coal.

●   Coking coal is a type of coal that is used to produce coke for use as reducing material in blast furnace. Its gross calorific value is higher than 23,865 kJ/kg (5,700 kcal/kg), ash free.

●   Sub-bituminous coal is a type of coal that has a gross calorific value between 17,435.0 kJ/kg (4,165 kcal/kg) and 23,865.0 kJ/kg (5,700 kcal/kg).

●   Lignite is a type of coal that has a gross calorific value of less than 4,165 kcal/kg (17.44 MJ/kg) and volatile matter of more than 31%, dry basis. Lignite is often called low rank coal; also called brown coal.

WNU provides various coal grade to meet our customer necessity of coal supply: Click WNU Coal Specifications


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