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  • Mar 20 / 2013
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WNU Mining – PT Wira Nugraha Utama


welcome to WNU-Mining.Com, Official website of PT Wira Nugraha Utama, Coal Mining and Coal Trading Company.

PT Wira Nugraha Utama (WNU Mining) is a coal mining service and coal trading company based in Banjarmasin. As a growing company, we have developed partnership with several credible miners in South Kalimantan,  and Central Kalimantan.

WNU Mining is committed to build and maintain cooperation to build a good business and sustainable world. Each step, we will always apply the values ​​that we also have joint Commit. WNU Mining our concentration of business engaged in mining coal and local coal and export trade.

WNU Mining many collaboration / partnership with the credible miners (the holder of Mining) in South Kalimantan, especially in Binuang Tapin, Kintap Tanah Laut, Satui and Batulicin Tanah Bumbu, Serongga and Geronggang Kotabaru. And several location in Central Kalimantan, especially in Tamiyang Layang and Buntok.

WNU Mining willing to develop and maintain leadership cooperation with the producer and customers, and committed to integrity, honesty and creativity and sincerely services to all parties concerned.

WNU now being exploration at Binuang – South Kalimantan, Tamiyang Layang and Muara Teweh – Central Kalimantan, and Long Ikis Paser- East Kalimantan, Operation planing in 2014.


Our coal products are coming only from the most credible sources in South and Central Kalimantan. Ranging from both bituminous and sub-bituminous coal quality.

Our products are suited for consumption in power stations and industrial plants.

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